The bride or the cake?

Just look at that frosting. No, seriously. Here we see a dress to chock full of flims and flounse to make it worthy of the wealthiest king's table during feast times. It's like spun sugar. Cream cake. Cotton freaking candy. When I saw this dress for sale, I seriously wished that it would be someone's dream dress, if only to spare the feelings of its orgininal occupant. Becuase, really now, who bought this and why? And when? For some reason, I keep seeing it gracing the curvaceous form of a young Delta Burke in some fictional marriage to a pickup loving construction worker named Bubba.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger special k said...

I used to work at an upscale bridal salon in New York City, back in the day. I saw plenty of dresses (or "gowns"...if one can even call them that) that looked like this. I think it's just missing a few yards of tulle and lace. haha, just kidding!

I seem to be drawn to this type of ring...what do you think of it, dear?
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At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gadzooks! And the bride needs some big frosted back-from-the-80s hair to go with it!

- October Bride

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Never teh bride said...

Maybe a Dallas-themed reception?

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