Almost great wedding tips for the guys.

I say almost great because this handy guide makes some assumptions that don't apply to everyone, though they do probably apply to most people. Concerning the ring, I know many ladies who would be happy with a simple promise ring as their engagement ring. I somewhat believe that I would be unjustified in expecting an engagement ring from The Beard because once married, I wouldn't wear it. Yes, Never teh Bride is a big fan of the traditional, simple gold band like the one you see here and no doubling up, thank you very much.

On the other hand, the aforementioned guide doesn't do what so many other guides do and imply that men are stupid neanderthals who ought to stay as far away from the wedding planning process as is possible. I do think men can and ought to be part of the budgetting and planning process, even if it's the bride's parents paying for it all. I firmly believe he ought to pick his own tuxedo and have a say in the wedding party colors. He should pick half the music and be responsible for finding the names and addresses of those he wants to invite. And, if he's a nice one, he could offer to help put together the invitations.

Personally, I think the wedding band making classes they used to offer, or perhaps still do, at the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum would be the best way to procure the future couple's wedding bands. I have always loved do it yourself projects.


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