Rawr! It's Bridezilla!

What stands one hundred feet tall, has pointy flesh-ripping teeth, and wears a virginal lacy veil? Yes, that's right...it's Bridezilla. Never teh Bride hates this towering beast as she hates all people who cannot handle things not going their way. Yes, as far as I am concerned, flexibility must be maintained, even when it is "your day."

How can one tell is the blushing bride is on her way to becoming a rampaging reptile? Ask yourself:
-Is her list of instructions for the wedding party fourteen collated pages long, with color coding and tabs?
-Are all non-wedding related topics verboten?
-Did she buy extra dresses, in multiple styles, just in case?
-Is the future husband sporting a perma-dazed expression?
-Did she pick out her own engagement ring?
-Has her choice of bridal party members changed numerous times?

Please, for Never teh Bride, don't let this happen to you. Learn to spot the signs and to fight the feelings!


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