If you build it, The Beard might come!

If the inferior ring designs offered by some jewelers have gotten you down in the dumps, check out Blue Nile Diamonds, where the nearly-a-bride and the want-to-be bride and the non-bride alike can ice themselves out with high class bling.

Some people may be wondering where Never teh Bride and The Beard met. The short and easy answer is that we met at a party. The long and drawn out answer involves a lot of complecated settings, scenarios, and feelings, including rebound lovers, alternate Beards, and erzatz butt sex perpetrated by bisexuals and straights alike!

The important part is that we met more than three years ago. That's right...THREE. People hundreds of years ago used to get married in negative time. They were pre-married by parents or elders or the command of some spirit that could only be contacted via the psychodelic paste of a rare tropical tree.

Now people are so afraid of jumping on to the matrimonial train that they take years to even get engaged and then stay engaged for nearly a decade before setting a date. Or they become progressives and live yuppie-style with a grand spotless house and matching ten speeds. Or they take scads of lovers. Now I don't necessarily think those folks aren't on to something, but I definately know those lifestyles aren't for me. I want to get married, even if it means I have to work harder to lose weight because of knee-jerk reports of marital weight gain on msn.

The Beard is not ready. I think I am. In fact, I think he is. The weekend before last, we attended a social event in the home of some close friends. One of the two couples I mentioned in a previous post (they are getting married, blah blah blah) were also in attendance. She had a deep maroon ribbon tied around her finger and I jokingly asked if it was to help her remember that she is engaged. The man and future wife simply haven't gone ring shopping yet, if you hadn't already guessed. She had picked out two and then he was to choose between them.

How unromantic, I say. Sure, there is nothing wrong with dropping hints. I don't particularly need an engagement ring, but if The Beard were to be replaced by his goateed double from a parallel universe, the double would know what I wanted in terms of finger-wear: a single round diamond in a simple six-pronged white gold setting. Easy. Classy. And, furthermore, classic. A ring that will never go out of style.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I believe the man ought to choose the ring and that ring ought to be a surprise.


At 4:59 PM, Blogger foof said...

Don't worry doll, am sure you will marry one day and you will wounder what happened to all that free time you once had.

At 12:38 AM, Blogger special k said...

thanks for the comment. but ur blog looks so put-together, I'm not sure it's not just a big advertisement. are you a real person?

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Never teh bride said...

I am a real girl, I am!

At 4:39 PM, Blogger special k said...

lol okay I believe you! I think...
and your description of the kind of ring you'd like sounds like what I'd like to have, too. weird! :-)

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